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Voopoo Mods And Starter Kits For The Beginner

Voopoo Drag X KitWell, when it comes to quitting smoking, the only real alternative you have is to buy a vape starter kit like the voopoo-drag-x-kit.

Most vape shops FB or vape stores FB sell these vapour kits Blogger as well as a huge range of other vapour mods Blogger for experienced vaper.

Vaping has been around now for about ten years or so and has really taken off really well as more and more smokers look at quitting smoking and trying to find an alternative and vaping is it.

With its range of Vape Mods and starter kits, it is now very possible to quit smoking, especially since they started now adding nicotine to vapour juices. So, having said this, why would you want to continue smoking.

There is a massive range of vape mods available in the SMOK range from SMOK starter kits to complete adjustable vape mods for the experienced vaper. With different sizes in wattage, different vapour flavours and different size tanks to hold vast levels of vapor juice, you can make some serious clouds with these SMOK kits. More so than even smoking itself.


Vape Stores where you can buy SMOK are pretty much everywhere. A vape store that doesn’t sell SMOK shouldn’t even be in business. SMOK Vapes are some of the most popular vape kits or MODS.  There are searched on double to that of your regular vapour MODS on line and you would be crazy not to look into it Some of the most popular SMOK kits are the vape shop as well as the Voopoo Drag 3 Kit, voopoo drag s kit , voopoo drag x plus kit, voopoo argus gt kit 160w, voopoo drag max kit.

These MODS and kits are just some of the most popular vapour kits on the market for X Smokers to look into starting vaping if they wish to quit smoking and take up vaping. There is also another brand of vapour MOD which is rising fast through the ranks and that is Vaporesso. This is another huge company in the manufacture of vapes and Mods. They have been around just as long as SMOK but not quite as popular. Either way, they are fast becoming a serious contender in the vaping market.

10 Tips For The Vaping Beginner

A quick list of top 10 beginner vaping guides for the best vaping experience possible. Say goodbye to harmful cigarettes and hello to the incredible world of vaping.

The world of vaping is intriguing to those who have just stepped in. Before entering this world, you may have searched about vaping tips and techniques but here is something that many will not tell you. Many will tell you “how to vape” and all but a few can give additional tips.

Mesmerized by vaping techniques, vapors are often engaged in copying it. Little did they realize that there are some tips and precautions that as a beginner they must know.

You can quickly check out this list to unfold the new chapter in vaping-

1. Pick the right PG//VG ratio

The right ratio is responsible for a great throat hit and vapors. Mostly, they come in the VG and PG ratio of 60/40. Low VG can give a deep hit to the throat but low vapors. Everything boil down to your choice- flavor, cloud, or throat hit.

2. Right MOD Or Starter Kit

A beginner has to go through multiple devices before picking the right one. Your exposure to devices depends on which country you are in. You are blessed if you have hit products available in your region, for instance, Vaporesso in Dubai serves a variety of e-cigarette kit to try your hands on. You can also pick some other famous brands like Aspire, Juul, Myle, etc.

3. Vaper’s tongue

It is a temporary condition that arises if you get exposed to a flavor for a long time. It could be dealt with easily if you keep yourself hydrated. It could occur to a beginner who can’t escape a flavor. Your taste buds get off temporarily but you can overcome it by switching to a new flavor. If the problem persists you can call your doctor.

4. Handle e-liquids

Shake well before use, you must have read this on medical syrups, same goes with e-liquids. Every time you pick to vape a flavor shake it well. Also, keep your bottles in a dark room, it tastes better and better if you do so. Bring a new bottle and compare it with the one kept in the dark. You’ll find that the old bottle produces more flavor.

5. Know your taste

Plenty of flavors are there to experiment with, strawberry, tobacco, dessert, candy, minty, etc. For testing, you can go to a store, try mixing different flavors to create your original taste.

6. Enhance battery life

You don’t need to buy a new battery or device every time you encounter a problem. It requires maintenance. Occasional swiping at the junction of atomizer and battery is enough. When you vape, e-liquid sticks in b/w atomizer and battery which can reduce the battery’s life. However, to avoid the hassle you can bring a Smok Novo 2. For tech-savvy people, Smok in Dubai has a range of products.

7. E-coil cleaning

Once in a week, your e-coil demands cleaning. Many beginners don’t know this and blame flavors later. The nasty taste that you experience is there because you haven’t cleaned your e-coil.

8. Buy quality e-liquid

Beginners often end up vaping e-liquids of cheap quality. Experimenting with local e-liquids can also harm your health. In case you are not sure which e-liquid works best for you, don’t rush to the store to buy it. Take your time to explore flavors with testing kits.

9. Avoid complex vaping technique

You are on your way to becoming a pro vaper but for the time being, you can stay away from complex vaping technique. At this, you can spend your quality time enjoying vaping. If you are on a transition from smoking to e-cigarette focus on identifying your flavor only.

10. Daily vapers

People who vape daily must keep some batteries handy. In case you have to wait for someone or while traveling you run out of batteries. You can also carry e-liquid but compatible to your device only. It doesn’t make sense if you carry a device of some other company and e-liquid of others. You have to take care of these things.

Final thoughts

Beginners often miss out on these very important tips. These small but essential tips are common but barely told by anyone. You may learn many cool vaping techniques but these tips will never let you get stuck.



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